Orbit Itech Restaurant EPOS System

Restaurant EPOS

We have various off-the-shelf business management and Restaurant EPOS products to cater for a number of trades.

Our software include:

  • Orbit Itech Restaurant Management System
  • Orbit Itech Retail Management System
  • Orbit Itech SuperStore Management System
  • Customer Relationship Management System
  • E-Commerce to On Premises Order Management System
  • Enterprise Personnel Time Keeping
  • Project Budget Keeping
  • Dental Patient Record Keeping
  • Medical Patient Record Keeping
  • Optical Patient Record Keeping


  1. Streamline your order management
  2. Take control of your entire business at the touch of a button
  3. Increase efficiency and productivity
  4. Improve accuracy and reduce mistakes common in handwritten orders
  5. Reduce hours spent on paperwork
  6. Instantly produce bills at one touch
  7. Keep record of every order
  8. Project a professional image towards your customers


  1. Built in Control Panel to add, edit or delete items in menu
  2. User management to enhance security
  3. Table Management
  4. Kitchen Management
  5. Bar Tab Management
  6. Dine-in, Takeaway and Delivery Management
  7. Automated End-of-Day calculations
  8. Retrieve posted accounts between desired dates
  9. Integrated Caller ID
  10. Integrated Postcode Lookup



Orbit Itech RMS is a Windows based application and compatible with systems running Windows XP upwards. However, for best results we recommend to use purpose built touchscreen EPOS systems designed specifically for the catering industry. All our bundled Orbit Itech RMS solutions come with:

  • Integrated touch screen terminal
  • A Cash drawer
  • A Thermal Printer
  • Caller ID
  • Post code data

Restaurant EPOS 

Restaurant EPOS