About Us

Orbit Itech - Website, Software and Mobile Apps Developer in Birmingham, UK

Orbit Itech – Website, Software and Mobile Apps Developer in Birmingham, UK

Orbit Itech Ltd.

Company Description

Orbit Itech is a tailor-made solutions provider including web design, software development and mobile apps, located in the heart of Birmingham, United Kingdom. We are specialised in designing and developing bespoke software and mobile apps for small and medium size businesses. Company’s registered office is located at Gooch Street, Highgate, Birmingham, B5 7HE, United Kingdom.

The Mission

Our goal is to help customers to improve their performance by taking advantage of today’s technology explosion. Our focus is to help our customers work more quickly, easily and efficiently. We do this by offering products and services of consistently high quality with an unequalled staff, and backing our products and services with ongoing support. We are a total solution provider, dedicated to long-term relationships with our customers. We aim to be known as one of the best web design and software development companies in the world.

Our Business

Orbit Itech team members personally bring more than 10 years of industry experience and expertise to the table. Our teams of dedicated employees will identify, create and deliver value through the creative application of Information and Technology. Through our unique approach, we help customers to use Information and Technology to recast their economy and identify and seize new opportunities.

Management Consulting

Through consulting services, we help our customers to establish new strategies and policies. The values to our customers are better business performance.

System Integration & Implementation

We make different technologies work together. System integration includes developing large-scale, mid-range, micro computer and telecommunication systems as well as the necessary training, system operations and system implementation and maintenance.

Electronic Publishing

We also offer desktop publishing, image processing, web publishing, multimedia authoring and Email services to our customer.

Industry Analysis

Orbit Itech is well positioned to take advantage of the significant opportunities presented by the rapidly expanding industry of computer-related business services.

Computer-Related Services on the Rise

Computer industries represent the fastest growing sector in the world. Over the last 20 years, ICT has been increased significantly and identified as a major contributor of the process of business development and improvement. Around half of the productivity growth in world’s economy is due to Information Technology.

After Sale Support

There are many companies out there offering software services. However, the level of services especially after sale, training and technical support are not meeting customer needs and expectations. These companies do not maintain an ongoing local profile or relationship with customers. Our software and services are offered by individual consultants. We work for long term relationship and make sure quality of service meet the customer need.

Barriers to Entry

The high costs of purchasing current computer equipment and continually updating expensive software’s makes it difficult for undercapitalized companies to utilize professional services. Often software provider sells a product without total understanding of the customer needs; as a result customers become frustrated. Moreover, software service provider leaving their customers stranded after sales are made. Understanding the customer needs and providing solutions and opportunities with continuing good relationship and support are crucial to be successful.

OIL Can Develop Strong Position in the Country

Our enthusiastic young developers can quickly adopt themselves with new technology which gives us an opportunity to develop a dominant presence in the computer and software service industry in United Kingdom.