Website SEO

Website SEO

Increase your website’s visibility  Increase your number of visitors
Increase your volume of enquiries Increase your amount of sales

What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process where various methods of website optimisation are used to get a website to rank top in the organic search in Google or any other search engine for a particular keyword or phrase so as to get endless flow of free traffic to your website.

Imagine if you sell gifts and you rank #1 in Google’s search result for the keyword “buy cheap Christmas presents”. What can that do to your sales?

We, here in orbit itech guarantee you the best SEO for your website and bring you in the top 10 in Google search within the shortest timeline.

Why do we need SEO?

A reason to use a planned SEO strategy is to get your business name and brand known. SEO is geared towards businesses who want to enter the world of online advertising and marketing. SEO is not a product you can just pick up off the shelf and say how good it is, you have to have an effective plan of action which starts at the bottom rung of the ladder and leads to success at the top rung of the ladder. Your SEO plan needs to outline the way you intend to get your business name out there to attract potential customers to your website. A poor website might soar to the top of a search engine list while a great site could get buried at the bottom of the results. The biggest reason one website gets recognized over another is because the website at the top has better SEO. Successful SEO consultants and web marketers study keywords to know which ones will work and which ones won’t. The higher the keyword search volume and the higher your website ranks in search engines, the more people will visit it. SEO specialists increase your website visibility gets more visitors, so more inquiry and hence more sales.

SEO can be very difficult for some people to undertake as it may seems bit complex and technical. Here in Orbit iTech, we provide basic SEO with all new sites that we develop for our clients. However if you want to give your site the best chance of success we offer an Advanced SEO service which is Orbit iTech SEO campaign.


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