Orbit EPOS

A modern Orbit EPOS System for Restaurants and Takeaways

Here are a few reasons why we are Best, Affordable and Effective.

Till Managing:

Anyone can use our EPOS Software till. You’ll get powerful features. The till is secure and you can rely on your staff to cash up, give change and take gift receipts as everything is recorded.

Order & Printing:

With our software, you can print off orders for each table or takeaway in a click. It’s that fast. And order taking is Quick, simple easy & flexible.


Account in our EPOS System is fast and accurate. Just click a button at the end of your financial period and the accounts information will be provided to you which can be sent to your accountant or can be used in any accounts package.

Management reports:

Too much information is just as bad as too little. Therefore, we have an intelligent reports screen to quickly find the information you need.


  • Built in Control Panel to add, edit or delete items in menu
  • User management to enhance security
  • Table Management
  • Kitchen Management
  • Bar Tab Management
  • Dine-in, Takeaway and Delivery Management
  • Automated End-of-Day calculations
  • Retrieve posted accounts between desired dates
  • Integrated Caller ID
  • Integrated Postcode Lookup

And there is more:

We cannot tell you about all the features of this amazing product. So to really see how it can benefit your business, we would love to show you in person.
Call us today on: 0121 622 6282 or send your query for a free consultation to see how you could drive sales and save costs for your restaurant business with this amazing EPOS System.

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